SchoolsBot / A Online School Module Company

What is Schoolsbot ?

Schoolsbot is a online school module Which make any school completely online. In other words Schoolsbot is international company for school to make school online.

What does schoolsbot do For Schools ?

Schoolsbot provide you so many function to school Management, Teachers, Parents as well as Students. It will Help to Management with many functions such as Create Website , Fee collection, Hold Student records, Teachers records, Promotions, etc. It will help teachers with many functions for example online class, attendance, Syllabus, schedule, student data, Parents alert etc. Parents can get their child attendance, scope, fee alert, activity, notification etc. also student can get online study material like notes, free courses, alert and online tutting.

Schoolsbot Plan and Membership ?

Schoolsbot have cheapest plan for school management Which is affordable for any school or institute. Student will get free access of all function with school management membership. There is no Cost for any student.

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