ResellerClub Review 2021: Worth Buying or Not?

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Welcome to our ResellerClub review, here we will discuss from points related to ResellerClub web hosting and their features. Also, we will tell you is it worth buying or not. If you are looking for a web hosting review then you are in the right place. So let’s get started.

ResellerClub hosting offers a cheap and better performance web hosting that gives service to many countries like the USA, India, and Australia. This company has been working for the past few years to serve web hosting services.

The ResellerClub company works like purchasing hosting services from different companies in a bundle and then sell it to his customers. ResellerClub also sells shared hosting, VPS Servers, WordPress hosting, and cloud hosting. Here you can also buy and sell domains to others.

As you know by its name Reseller suggests, this company is not a production company but a seller and buying under its name ResellerClub review

ResellerClub Review

About ResellerClub

As if you are wondering that ResellerClub is just a reseller company but it is one of the reputed company which is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). This company also owns a big web hosting company likes Bluehost., Sitebuilder, and HostGator.

ResellerClub was founded in 1998 in India and later in 2014 the company was getting into Endurance International Group (EIG) and then it has been with Hostgator & BlueHost. As I told u already this company is known for buying and selling services from a distributor and reselling the same with some profit. In this way, this company earns and provides affordable web hosting services to its customers.

ResellerClub has served more than 200,000 customers located in more than 150 countries and also manages 5 million domain names which they buy and resell them.

What does ResellerClub Offer?

ResellerClub serves many offers to his customers to build their new website. Everything you will be needed while making a website is provided by ResellerClub. They not only provide web hosting but also SSL Certificates, Domains, Emails, CDN, and also Sitelock security feature.

ResellerClub also offers free migration services many other services that are mentioned below.

Various Web hosting Services

ResellerClub provides various web hosting plans to his customers like Shared hosting if you are a regular website owner or runs a small business. Shared hosting has both Linux and windows. They also serve Reseller hosting in which you can become a web hosting provider without managing your own web servers.

ResellerClub also offers Dedicated server hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Domains, and Website Builders.

ResellerClub also claims 30 Days money-back guarantee in which you can take a refund of your buyings within 30 days, but some charges will be deducted.

Features of ResellerClub Hosting

Wanna start blogging or wanna run a news article site? Then you just need web hosting for your website. With ResellerClub hosting you can simply create your website with customized hosting plans. They provide unmetered disk space and unlimited bandwidth with Cpanel in every plan of ResellerClub.

ResellerClub web hosting provides various features like SSL certificate, Cpanel, Lighting speed website, 24×7 Customer Support, Easy 1 clikc installation and many more listed below.

  • Perl
  • Python 2.6.6
  • Softaculous
  • PHP 7.2 and Above

Database features:

  • MSSQL Stored Procedures
  • phpMyAdmin 4.6.6
  • MySQL admin tools
  • MySQL Client 5.1

Essentials Features:

  • Free Website Migrations (Helps to move domains and hosting)
  • Secure Shell Access (Encrypted Channels over Hosting)
  • Easy Upgrades (You can upgrade easily anytime)
  • Enhanced Security (CloudFlare Protection for your website)
  • 24×7 Support (Serves you)
  • Easy 1-click-installer (Install more than 400 Apps powered by Softaculous)
  • Free cPanel (Helps to manage Files)
  • SNI enabled (SSL Certificate Installed)
  • Free CDN (Loads webiste fast)

Shared Hosting Plan by ResellerClub

A shared hosting plan is one of the famous options chosen by many customers of ResellerClub. Because many of the users run blogs site, news sites, Affiliates sites, or even small businesses. Shared hosting will cost you the least amount than any other hosting in this world. Because these services are used by multiple users on same servers.

Linux shared hosting by ResellerClub is very low cost and very user friendly which will help you to run your business online.

Shared hosting used by:

  • Web Designers / Developers
  • Small Businesses
  • Bloggers / Individuals

ResellerClub provides three shared hosting plans for every user at a great price. Personal Plan for every individual who wants to run a website at a low price. Second is the Business Plan for those who have a small business. The last plan which is PRO Plan which is perfect for medium-sized organization or firm.

Single Domain
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Free Cpanel
Unlimited Databases
1 Click WordPress Install
Free CDN
Unlimited Email Accounts
Personal Web Hosting Plans by ResellerClub
Three Domain
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Free Cpanel
Unlimited Databases
1 Click WordPress Install
Free CDN
Unlimited Email Accounts
Business Web Hosting Plans by ResellerClub
Unlimited Domain
Unlimited Web Space
Unlimited Data Transfer
Free SSL Certificate
Free Cpanel
Unlimited Databases
1 Click WordPress Install
Free CDN
Unlimited Email Accounts
Pro Web Hosting Plans by ResellerClub

All the plans listed above comes with 30 days money back guarantee.

ResellerClub Uptime and Performance

ResellerClub hosting provides Varnish Caching which can help to speed up your website up to 100 percent. The site performance we get on ResellerClub hosting is 170ms average speed when we turn off varnish caching. Speed is one of the most important factors for a website owner, users with slow internet speed should also visit your site.

Other features by ResellerClub

There are also other services which are offered by ResellerCllub other than web hosting.


ResellerClub offers users to use email hosting plans which helps you to receive and send emails using a custom domain name. (For example:

This plan offers users to use 5GB storage upto 30GB of storage which varies plan to plan.

G Suite

If you are using any service from ReselleClun then you will get G Suite apps which you can directly use it from the Control panel. This can be helpful if you have a team and want them to connect from same place. The apps listed below are offered by ResellerClub.

  • Gmail
  • Google Docs (Free Office alternative)
  • Google Forms
  • Google Sites (Site builder)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google+

Site Builder

Site Builder can be very useful if you need to build a new website very quickly. ResellerClub has its own site builder along with Weebly. Weebly is a free site builder that can customize your site, easy to use with templates.

With site builder, you can build your website within minutes and you can also change as much you can over 175 different templates that come with a website builder.


With ResellerClub theme market you can use more than 1000 themes, logos, or even plugins. But sadly they dont come free with the plans so you have purchase them separately.

Security Tools

Running a website and worry about its security? Heres the solution, ResellerClub sells security tools that are very useful and make your website secure. The tools are listed below.

  • SSL Certificate
  • Backup Tools
  • Security center which finds and remove bloatware

There are some plans which don’t come with all the security services. So if they don’t then you can purchase them separately from ResellerClub review

ResellerClub Server Locations with Hosting Plans

If you are wondering about the server locations of ResellerClub then they have the most reliable and secure data centers in the USA, India, UK, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

But some web hosting plans servers of ResellerClub are located differently for various plans.

Linux & Windows Shared Web HostingUS-Austin, Texas
Hong Kong
Dedicated Linux & VPSUS- Austin, Texas
Hostgator Shared & Dedicated Server HostingUS- Houston, Texas & Provo, Utah
Linux & Windows Reseller Web HostingUS-Austin, Texas
Managed/Dedicated Windows Server, Cloud HostingUS- Austin, Texas
Bluehost VPS & Dedicated ServerUS- Provo & Orem, Utah

ResellerClub Hosting Plans and Pricing


Shared Hosting Plan Pricing

Comes with Oneclick install and SSL certificate



Reselleclub review: Shared hosting plan
Reselleclub review: Shared hosting plan
PlanStorageBandwidthNumber of sitesPrice
PersonalUnmeteredUnmetered1Check Here
BusinessUnmeteredUnmetered3Check Here
ProUnmeteredUnmeteredUnlimitedCheck Here
Prices various according to region, So Click on Check Here.


Reseller Hosting Plan Pricing

Comes with strong infrastructure with CloudLinus and easy domain management.



Reselleclub review: Reseller hosting plan
Reselleclub review: Reseller hosting plan
PlanStorageBandwidthNumber of sitesPrice
R140 GB UnmeteredUnlimitedCheck Here
R250 GBUnmeteredUnlimitedCheck Here
R3100 GBUnmeteredUnlimitedCheck Here
R4200 GBUnmeteredUnlimitedCheck Here
Prices various according to region, So Click on Check Here.


WordPress Hosting Plan Pricing

Comes pre-installed WordPress and features like data monitoring with backup & Data recovery. Also, you can scale CPUs and RAMs with CDN.



Reselleclub review: WordPress hosting plan
Reselleclub review: WordPress hosting plan
PlanStorageNumber of sitesPrice
Standard5 GB 1Check Here
Business20 GB2Check Here
Pro40 GB3Check Here
Elite40 GB5Check Here
Prices various according to region, So Click on Check Here.


Cloud Hosting Plan Pricing

Cloud hosting comes with varnish caching or CDN you can say. ResellerClub Cloud hosting also mirror data and updates instant.



Reselleclub review: Cloud hosting plan
Reselleclub review: Cloud hosting plan
PersonalUnmetered2 Cpu Cores2048 MBCheck Here
BusinessUnmetered4 Cpu Cores4096 MBCheck Here
ProUnmetered6 Cpu Cores6144 MBCheck Here
Prices various according to region, So Click on Check Here.


VPS Hosting Plan Pricing

ResellerClub VPS hosting is Linus based and provides two distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS. Like other plans here too you will get free cPanel and full root access.



Reselleclub review: VPS hosting plan
Reselleclub review: VPS hosting plan
Standard20 GB SSD1 TB2 CPU Cores2048 MBCheck Here
Business40 GB SSD1 TB2 CPU Cores4096 MBCheck Here
Pro80 GB SSD2 TB3 CPU Cores6144 MBCheck Here
Elite120 GB SSD2 TB4 CPU Cores8192 MBCheck Here
Prices various according to region, So Click on Check Here.

ResellerClub: Customer Support

If you have stuck somewhere while fingering HTML or somehow disk crashed then you will need customer support. No matter how big or small the problem is, the hosting company has to prove their service anytime you reach them.

Reselleclub review: Customer Support
Reselleclub review: Customer Support

Tip: Before doing anything in cPanel or HTML just take a full backup of your website.

ResellerClub customer support has phone numbers supported in three countries i.e India, the US, and Uk. These phone numbers are online 24/7. Their service is responsive and comes with a large amount of knowledgebase containing articles related to problems up to date.

You can also live chat with the agent on the ResellerClub dashboard. The agents are really quick while answering. Other methods of contacting customer support are by Ticket support or directly calling the company.


All you need while making a website is offered by ResellerClub like hosting, domains, website builder, emails, G Suit, and many more. If you don’t need to run here and there looking for different hosting companies and domains, then you can go for ResellerClub where you will find everything you want. It’s very secure and fast back up by Endurance International which also owns big companies like Bluehost.

Here some features are not seen like free backup are neglated because of low prices.If you are Ok with that and wanted to host your site on then go ahead now.

Frequently Asked Questions: ResellerClub Review

  • Is there any cancellations & refunds on hosting plans?

Yes, you can cancel your plans anytime you want, but refunds are available only on selected hosting plans.

  • How much does ResellerClub hosting cost?

The ResellerClub hosting costs from 160 rupees per month to 295 rupees per month. Which can be vary from country to country. Also price depends on plans you choose.

  • Which ResellerClub plan is perfect for newbie?

We recommend you to start with a cheaper plan so that you can then understand waht you need for your website. After you sorted out what your website really needs then you can easily upgrade later on.

  • Do any ResellerClub hosting plans comes with a free domain?

No, ResellerClub doesn’t include free domain with its hosting packages.

  • Which version of Cpanel is provided by ReselleClub hosting?

They provides stock version of Cpanel with its hosting plans.

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