How to Choose the Best Bank for Your Personal Needs 100%

Selecting Best Bank For yourself

When it comes to opening a bank account, you may think it’s just about the lowest fees and interest rates. But there’s more to selecting your financial institution than that. You also need to consider what services you’ll use most, and how accessible and user-friendly the bank will be for you. You don’t have to open just one checking account—in fact, you may find it’s wiser to open several different ones if you have unique needs as a consumer. For example, if you like using cash often or live in an area where there are few ATM locations, it may make sense to open a checking account that has no minimum balance or one that rewards you with cash back when you use their ATMs frequently.

When to open a bank account

Any time you need to store cash and earn interest, open a savings account. If you use a savings account to pay for large purchases, like a car or house, and pay it off within a year, you may be able to deduct the interest from your taxes. If you’re looking for a place to park extra cash and earn interest, savings accounts are a convenient and safe option. You should also open a checking account if you plan to use your debit card often or pay bills online. You can’t make those types of transactions with a savings account—you’ll need a checking account. You may also want a checking account if you’re hoping to get a rewards program on ATM withdrawals.

Why you should diversify your financial accounts and Best Bank

One of the best ways to manage your cash flow is to create a balanced mix of different financial accounts. For example, you might open one checking account to use for regular bills and another account to store savings. Even though it might seem like you’re paying a lot of fees to have multiple accounts, the benefits of having more control over your finances can outweigh the costs. Plus, there are many checking accounts that won’t charge you fees, even if you have several of them.

The best checking accounts for frequent use

If you’re someone who likes using cash, or you live in a rural area with few ATM locations nearby, consider opening a checking account that rewards you for using their ATMs frequently. You’ll still get your cash, but without the hefty fees that many banks charge for withdrawals. One example of such an account is Capital One 360 Checking, which rewards you with ATM fee refunds each month. Another option is TIAA Bank’s Free Checking account, which has no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement—making it a great choice for the financially challenged. And for those who live in areas with little or no access to banking, one option is the Social Security Bank’s Debit Card Checking Account, which offers online, mobile and in-branch banking services.

The best checking accounts with no strings attached

If you want to earn interest on your checking account but want an account with no monthly fees, consider opening an online account at one of the many digital-first banks that are popping up. These accounts are often free to open, require no minimum balance and the rates are much higher than those of traditional banks. You can find several online checking accounts with no strings attached at, including Square’s Checking Account and Ally’s No Fee Checking Account.

The best savings accounts

If you’re looking for a high yield on your savings account, you may want to open one at a community bank or credit union. You’ll have to do a little research to find the best savings accounts, but the payoff could be worth the effort. You may also want to consider opening a savings account if you’re looking for a place to store extra cash and earn interest. One example of a high-yield savings account is the ING Orange Savings account, which offers a 1.85% APY (annual percentage yield). Other top-rated savings accounts include Capital One 360 Savings, Chase Savings and Discover Savings.

The best prepaid cards

If you’re looking for a way to manage your cash flow and keep your spending under control, a prepaid debit card might be the right choice. These cards usually don’t carry any fees and come with a variety of online account management tools. One such prepaid card that has become increasingly popular is the Amazon Prime Reload card, which offers 5% back on purchases at Amazon and 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drug stores. This card also offers no monthly fees and is available to anyone.

Banks are a great place to store your money and earn interest, but which ones are best? When choosing your financial institution, keep an eye out for checking accounts with no monthly fees and high interest rates. You can also open multiple checking accounts to suit your individual needs. By selecting the right bank for you, you can benefit from lower fees and higher interest rates, while also being in control of your finances.

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