Far cry 6 is Launched Today, Know Reviews, Gameplay and overall Outcome

Far Cry 6 Review

Is Far cry Worth Buying?

Far Cry 6 – released worldwide on Thursday – is not a great game. What is a cliché about Ubisoft that is often reread? But sometimes it’s a really fun game. Far Cry 6 offers real inspirational moments where a combination of tropical paradise, collaborative support, and new ideas combine into something unforgettable.

But in between this very exciting adventure, Far Cry 6 will also ask you to do a number of things that are not much different from each other. This similarity is common. It tastes like food, though not as bad as in Ubisoft’s other major franchise, Assassin’s Creed.

However, Far Cry 6’s world of Yara – a fictional Caribbean island heavily based in Cuba in many ways – is the biggest you’ll ever see in a Far Cry game.

Yara is led by Anton Castillo, played by Breaking Bad, and Giancarlo Esposito by Mandalorian, who was basically chosen with a promise to make Yara great again. Castillo believed it took sacrifice to make this dream come true, so he began to rule Yara with an iron fist.

Its 300,000-strong force, the Fuerzas Nacionales de Defensa (FND), controls the earth, sky, and water. No one can get out, no one can enter. The main character, former FND officer Danny Rojas – we play as a woman (Nisa Gunduz) or as a man (Sean Ray) – wants to do just that in the beginning.

They just want to leave Yara forever. But after witnessing Anton’s horror firsthand, Danny joins the Libertad guerrilla movement, which is trying to free Yara. It’s time for a revolution.

This is where new ideas emerge. After Ubisoft Toronto became a disc support studio and co-developed Far Far 5 with Ubisoft Montréal, Ubisoft Toronto finally took the lead in Far Cry for the first time. And for the first time since the first-person shooter franchise began, the main character in Far Cry 6 has a face.

You see him not only in the footage but also in the third person in the friendship camps. Since Ubisoft went to great lengths to design a third-person view, I would love it if you could switch between first-person and third-person views in combat and while driving.


The goal of Far Cry 6 is to defeat Castillo and his friends who have taken control of various parts of Yara. Along the way, you need to form alliances, also known as the offerings of the three major factions that have a huge impact on ordinary people in Yara.

Far Cry 6 director Navid Hawari noted that this was a conscious choice of story, how in a revolution, not every country wants the same thing and their approaches don’t always match.

As for your approach to combat, in Far Cry 6, you can choose between a silent stealth mode or extinguish all firearms. Glad it allows users to choose, doesn’t force you for one or the other.

You can also penetrate the mission area in different ways. You can get on a boat and sneak under the fort. Zipline and swing on the side. Rappelling and climbing from another front. Or just drive through the front door.

Weapon, Vehicle, and Amigos

To counter all these threats, Far Cry 6 gives you access to special weapons in addition to the standard ones. You can have four weapons on the weapon wheel at the same time: a side weapon and three main weapons. For the latter, you can choose from rifles, snipers, shotguns, and resolver weapons.

Derived from the Cuban lifestyle you do with what you have, Far Cry 6 allows you to unlock a number of unique handcrafted weapons: flamethrowers, crossbows, riot shields, silent nail guns, and poison guns that make enemies hostile to each other.

Apart from that, Far Cry 6 has a Supremo backpack which is like an extra superweapon. They offer guided missiles, snap rings, EMP pulse generators, or rage boosters that turn you into a mini-hulk.

Everything feels very fair, although I must admit this continues. Gunplay is pretty satisfying in Far Cry 6. I believe you’ll grow in it as you start out with weak weapons that make you feel like you’re not in full control.

But it improves relatively quickly as you unlock more powerful rifles with better sights and other weapon modifications. All these variations of gear and weapons are important to Far Cry 6 as Ubisoft Toronto ditches the RPG-style skill tree that was in some of its predecessors. While you will still gain XP and level up, you will not receive any points for unlocking new skills.

These buffs are carried over to the bumpers and the clothes you wear. As you pass through Yara, you’ll find new gloves, pants, masks, and chest pieces that will determine what benefits you’ll receive.

Modifying weapons allows you to choose between different ammo options – some good against others, but bad in others. You can find it with scouting. Head drawing of course as usual (I had a lot of fun). You can also kill with a bow or sneak upon them.


You can also kill enemies using the available vehicles in Far Cry 6. You have tanks, helicopters, planes and cars, and turrets. (You can use all of them to get from point A to point B, apart from the horses that go back to Far Cry 6 and are a lot of fun.

Though you do have to be careful how and where you use them. The FND has an anti-aircraft system on Yara. Enter the area with one and you will definitely be removed. If you jump in time, you can use a parachute or winger – the latter is a lot of fun – to land safely.

They can destroy anti-aircraft guns. But if you make a mess in Far Cry 6, your “heat” meter will go up. The maximum heat level is “requested”, which introduces the FND special forces. But during my game, they weren’t a big threat or anything weird.

My Xbox game stats tell me I’ve downloaded a number of special forces, but I don’t remember anything different or heavier than the ones I’ve killed.

Since Amigos will follow you everywhere, this sometimes leads to funny scenarios. While the dog can get into the car with you, the crocodile will monitor your car indefinitely. Sometimes they become oddly inaccessible – they don’t reappear even if you try to call them.

Platform and Pricing

Far Cry 6 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

It costs Rs. 2,999 on Epic Games Store, Rs. 3,999 on PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, and €60 (about Rs. 5,190) on Ubisoft Store. Next-gen upgrades are free.

You can also get Far Cry 6 on PC with a Ubisoft+ subscription that costs €15 (about Rs. 1,300) per month.


From graphics and story-wise Far Cry 6 is good, but you will have some usual feeling while playing like old Far Cry games and the Far Cry lovers will definitely like it. The game is out on 7th October 2021 and you can purchase from different stores. From all the aspects, the game is one-time playable.

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